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Descubre (Levels 1-3 | 2022)

Publisher: VISTA Higher Learning

Print Edition ISBNs:

  • Student (Level 1): 978-1-54333-120-2
  • Student (Level 2): 978-1-54333-123-3
  • Student (Level 3): 978-1-54333-124-0
  • Teacher (Level 1): 978-1-54333-125-7
  • Teacher (Level 2): 978-1-54333-128-8
  • Teacher (Level 3): 978-1-54333-129-5

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  • Aligned with NAD Foreign Language Standards and World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages.
  • AP preparation materials across all levels.
  • Heritage Speaker Culture and Lectures book available.
  • Editable Assignments from all 3 levels for remedial or advanced students.
  • Authentic and current cultural videos (updated weekly) and links to Hispanic Newspaper online.
  • Robust features for live audio and video chat.
  • iPad-friendly technological component on Supersite: auto-graded assignments and textbook activities.
  • New story line video: Brand new Fotonovela story line videos – levels 1 and 2 are shot on location in Madrid, Spain while level 3 takes place in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Can-Dos and IPAs: Redesigned lesson openers with clearly labeled Essential Questions, Can Do Goals, and IPA contexts, as well as a cultural focus on products, practices, and perspectives.
  • Enrichment libraries: A collection of trade books to expose students to different reading proficiency levels with rich and authentic content thematically related to the basal program.
  • Technology option to upgrade to prime.
  • Contact Information: Contact Person: Cheryl Kincaid, Senior Modern Language Specialist | | Phone: 617-691-7063 |